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Make it Multiplayer. FRAKAS enables easy development of online multiplayer games by taking care of all the tedious cloud distributed programming stuff. Simply take advantage of the platform tools, api that simplify challenges making games work online.

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What exactly is this?

Frakas is a suite of browser tools (CLI coming soon) to assist you in getting up and running with you Javascript based multiplayer Game.

Browser Gaming

Build multiplayer games that run in the browser with nodejs on the backend and websockets inbetween.

Cloud Native

Frakas platform acts as a wrapper that simplifies the complexity of building multiplayer with distributed cloud backend services.

High Availability

Frakas runs atop the Azure Cloud services with high availability

Open Source

Source code is hosted open source on github, visit project

Learn to code Multiplayer

By using our platform get you game up and running with multiplayer sooner. Once you’re ready to graduate from Frakas, we’ll be sorry to see you go but glad to be part of your journey

Free to use

Frakas is free for developers and gamers.

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coming soon!

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